An online sports review is a tricky concept, but our slant is that it basically means a place where people can come to read (or provide) opinions, thoughts, and stories about sports. That’s what we want the Chicago Sports Review to be – a sports community that not only provides its members with a chance to read the kind of stories they won’t find in their daily newspaper or on ESPN.com, but also gives them a forum to sound off should they so choose.

In keeping with that theory, CSR will accept submissions from anyone and print as many of them as possible. While we have regular writers and contributors who will provide the majority of the content, we invite (and even encourage) you and yours to participate, whether by commenting on our blog, emailing a writer or editor, or even submitting your own work to be published. If the quality is up to snuff, and there is a tangible relationship with sports, we will print your article on our site (subject, of course, to our edits).

Though based in Chicago, we intend for our scope to cover all things sports-related, or at least any sports-related thing. As such, we place our own work side by side with the best (or just funniest and weirdest) perspectives from all over the world of sports.

We know there are an overwhelming amount of sports news sources on the web, and we hope to set ourselves apart by printing interesting and thoughtful pieces that go beyond the call of sportswriting duty. If we succeed, you’ll laugh reading one article and swear profusely at your computer screen reading another – and this is the beauty of our plan, because once you finish swearing you can write your own perspective and put it out there for others to swear at.

Enjoy, and don’t be shy…


The Editorial Staff