The NSR maintains an extremely small full-time staff (only one editor over six feet tall) but a deep group of regular contributors. The members of that group are journalists or authors, or work in academics, law, or other fields. Some may not have jobs, and may be playing us for fools. We also receive submissions and requests to write, take photos, draw cartoons or just hang out with the editorial staff.

If any of these are your goal, feel free to email and say so. The NSR is still fairly reliant on freelance contributors, interesting ideas, and odd angles, so we appreciate your interest and will do our best to respond. There’s always the possibility we don’t respond, but we love you and will certainly do our best. There are, however, a couple of guidelines to submitting work…

* Firstly and VERY IMPORTANTLY – YOU MUST SEND A SAMPLE OF YOUR WORK. That should be the first thing you do if you want to write for us. Not that we don’t believe you’re a good writer – assuredly you’re fantastic – it’s just that we need to verify that sort of thing. Due diligence, you know…

* Anything submitted to the NSR must be yours, an original work, and not infringing on the publishing rights of any other company.

* We reserve the right to edit your work as we see fit, excluding your name; unless, of course, it’s a pen name – in that case we’ll fix that too.

* If you wish to re-publish any work originally published by NSR, please contact us first. Most likely, we will require that the work was credited as having first been published by NSR. Pretty standard.

That just about covers it. We’d really like to hear from you, even if you don’t want us to print your stuff, so feel free to email us at  with any thoughts, questions, concerns, articles, etc. etc.